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PKF hotelexperts Vienna Wage Scale Survey

03 Oct 2017

The he survey, first initiated in 2012, aims to gather up-to-date market information that can be used by hotel operators and owners to benchmark their salary levels per department against the average of the local competitors. The latest edition of the survey was conducted in April and May 2017 with a sample set drawn from members of the GMC. 19 responses were received from hotel properties in Vienna, representing hospitality brands with an international presence. Data was collected across nine departments for 200 positions to determine the range of compensation, bonus eligibility and availability of overhours for each position.

Two additional elements were included for this edition of the survey: a variance table depicting the increase or decrease in average wage scales for management and associate positions between 2016 and 2017 (generated from a sample of 15 properties that participated in both editions of the survey), and an overview of outsourced positions across the surveyed properties.

The key findings of the Wage Scale Survey 2017 were published in July 2017. Some notable observations are summarised below:

  • Three of the five most outsourced positions in the sample set were from the rooms department. ‘Room Attendant’ was the position that was most frequently outsourced (by more than 25 % of the respondents) followed by ‘House Attendant’ and ‘Public Area Attendant’.
  • The ‘Masseur’ and ‘Cosmetician’ positions from the health club and spa department also reported a high rate of outsourcing (11 % of the respondents).
  • The highest year on year growth rate for minimum and maximum salaries was reported for the position of Director of Finance from the administration and general department (over 20 %).
  • From the information and telecommunications department, the position of ‘Director of Information Systems’ recorded the second highest annual growth rate (2016-2017) for minimum and maximum salaries (approximately 19 %).
  • In contrast, the sales and marketing department reported marginal declines in salary ranges across the respondent set for the positions ‘Director of Revenue’ (-2 %) and ‘Director of Group Sales’ (-4 %).

The full survey is available for purchase at a price of €450 plus VAT. If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the report or would like to contribute wage data to next year’s edition of the survey please contact:

Akshara Walia
Research Analyst
PKF hotelexperts
Hegelgasse 8
1010 Vienna
tel +43 1 5120707
e-mail [email protected]

Please stay tuned: PKF hotelexperts is planning on expanding its wage scale research to other European destinations including London in 2018.

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