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PKF member firms have a total of more than 20,000 employees worldwide, consisting of specialised hospitality, tourism & leisure experts, as well as accountants and tax consultants.

The team of hospitality consultants at PKF hotelexperts are headed by:

  • Ah Moo, Baron R (USA, New York)
  • Alonso, Carlos (Argentina, Buenos Aires)
  • Anistratova, Natalia (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Bayraksan, Ömer (Turkey, Istanbul)
  • Bianchi, Giorgio (Italy, Milan)
  • Čeh, Tomislav (Austria, Vienna)
  • Heckscher, Nils (South Africa, Cape Town)
  • Henry, Channing Elise (USA, New York)
  • Hinteregger, Christopher (Austria, Vienna)
  • Kozhukhalov, Sergii (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Loidolt, Gisela (Austria, Vienna)
  • Maclennan, Adam (United Kingdom, London)
  • Martin, Andreas (Austria, Vienna)
  • Prysiazhniuk, Lolita (Austria, Vienna) 
  • Schüler, Ulrike (Germany, Munich)
  • Scott, Jeffrey (Austria, Vienna)
  • Thankappan, Dileep P (United Arab Emirates, Dubai)
  • Templin, Ulf (Germany, Munich)
  • Walia, Akshara (Austria, Vienna)
  • Walter, Christian (Austria, Vienna)
  • Wattinger, Robin (China, Shanghai)
  • Widmann, Michael (Austria, Vienna)

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