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PKF hotelexperts group
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PKF member firms have a total of more than 20,000 employees worldwide, consisting of specialized hospitality tourism experts, as well as accounting and business advisers.

The team of consultants at the PKF hotelexperts group is headed by:

  • Ah Moo, Baron R (USA, New York)
  • Alonso, Carlos (Argentina, Buenos Aires)
  • Basalai Oleg (Ukraine, Kyiv)
  • Bayraksan, Ömer (Turkey, Istanbul)
  • Bianchi, Giorgio (Italy, Milan)
  • Blanchard, Darren (Russia, Moscow)
  • Čeh, Tomislav (Austria, Vienna)
  • Catic, Stefan (Austria, Vienna)
  • Heckscher, Nils (South Africa, Cape Town)
  • Henry, Channing Elise (USA, New York)
  • Hinteregger, Christopher (Austria, Vienna)
  • Kozhukhalov, Sergii (Ukraine, Kyiv)
  • Landertshammer Nickolas(Austria, Vienna)
  • Maclennan, Adam (United Kingdom, London)
  • Martin, Andreas (Austria, Vienna)
  • Scott, Jeffrey (Austria, Vienna)
  • Siegel, Tobias (Austria, Vienna)
  • Thankappan, Dileep P (United Arab Emirates, Dubai)
  • Turchyn, Maryana (Ukraine, Kyiv)
  • Walia, Akshara (Austria, Vienna)
  • Walter, Christian (Austria, Vienna)
  • Wattinger, Robin (China, Hong Kong)
  • Widmann, Michael (Austria, Vienna)

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