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18 02 2021

Building Black Culture in Hospitality

From the Green Book in 1964 to today’s Homage Hospitality, PKF hotelexperts explores some of the historic contributions and on-going progression of Black hoteliers in the US hotel industry.

25 01 2021

#inittogether – Will We See Structural Change in Lease Agreements?

Seemingly secure and profitable lease agreements became riskier from one day to the other. Both operators and asset owners are struggling in the current situation, but some more than others. Do we need to rethink how a true partnership looks like in - good and bad times? Our thoughts on what could be done to be ready for the #roaring 20s.

16 12 2020

Setting a Direction of Travel for the Tourism Industry

The corona virus pandemic has understandably had a huge impact on the travel and tourism industry across the globe. That means there are short-term and longer-term ramifications for its structure, and the businesses that operate within. Some of these businesses, along with the destinations themselves, will adapt and thrive. Others might not. So, what are the factors that will influence how things pan out?

30 11 2020

Asset and Performance Management Update

In this update, our asset and performance management team share some takeaways based on our experience gained from our ongoing asset management assignments overseeing hotels for owners, as well as from one-off engagements conducting, amongst others, performance and operational reviews along with contract and fee assessments.

20 10 2020

The Hospitality Industry – Where Do We Go From Here?

Owners and/or operators of hotels and restaurants are facing unprecedented times. With the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not difficult to imagine that the economic impact could linger on for several more months and potentially years to come. Although hotel and restaurant sectors are hoping for a vaccine to cure economic ills, a recent Gallup poll showed that 35% of the U.S. population would opt not to take it, which would further delay the recovery.

24 09 2020

Let’s talk about solutions!

The health crisis has forced us all to innovate, and to bring many of these events online, but we are strong believers that the hotel industry will recover and it is our wish to get back to in person meetings as soon as it is safe to do so. Hoteliers and event organisers need to demonstrate to their guests that the benefits of travel and face to face meetings outweigh the risks. In this interview with Friedhelm Koch a veteran expert in air conditioning, filtration and ventilation, we learn what one of our industry partners has done to help protect hotels and their guests from an airborne particle such as Corona Virus.

27 08 2020

The Business Evolution of Glamping

The glamping industry has emerged as an unlikely hero to provide socially distant getaways and family vacations during the current pandemic, but this sector of the hospitality industry has been evolving organically and creatively under independent operations for the last 10+ years. It is maturing under a variety of brands, product types, business models, and online networks. Institutional investment is taking note, alongside a meaningful uptick in traveler demand.

29 07 2020

Disruption in the MICE industry: The challenges caused by COVID-19

While hotels and other tourism sectors slowly show signs of recovery, COVID-19 has perhaps taken the largest toll on the MICE industry which is expected to show even a more tempered come-back. The present crisis will also change how this industry works and conducts its business. In collaboration with Toleranca Marketing and based on various surveys they have conducted between March to June 2020, we take a brief and critical look at what the new normal will be for the MICE industry.

23 06 2020

Italian Hotel industry valuation estimates 2019

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