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PKF tourismexperts and its affiliated company PKF hotelexperts are internationally recognised market leaders in the field of hospitality, tourism & leisure consulting.

PKF tourismexperts offers the following destination services:

  • tourism master plans

based on a detailed analysis of the current situation, a comprehensive tourism development strategy will be prepared, including concrete recommendations and projects in the areas of ‘tourism product development’, ‘marketing’, ‘quality improvement’, etc. and a corresponding implementation action plan

  • tourism development strategies

based on a brief tourism potential analysis, recommendationsfor a successful tourism development in a destination will be formulated and highlight projects will be defined

  • tourism product development

together with the client we define new tourism products and provide our support for a successful implementation

  • digitalisation strategies

data is the future currency and with our digitalisation strategies we support our clients on their way to become smart tourism destinations

  • marketing strategies

finding the right mix between online and offline marketing activities is often a challenge for tourism destinations – with our know-how, we support our clients in defining powerful marketing strategies

  • knowledge transfer

seminars, trainings, workshops and presentations about tourism and destination development

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